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Midwives enjoy a respected and privileged position in society and work closely with other organisations and professions. Midwives work especially closely with obstetricians and gynaecological specialist doctors. On occasions midwives and doctors may together be involved in resolving patient complaints, responding to civil claims for compensation, and responding to their regulators’ inquiries – for midwives that is the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and for doctors that is the General Medical Council (GMC) and Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS). Other practitioners, such as ODP specialists are regulated by the Health Professions Council (HPC). While Midwives Defence Service represents only Registered Midwives and those midwives seeking registration, we work closely also with Doctors Defence Service, which represents doctors, including Obsetricians and Gynaecologists, at consultant, middle-grade and junior doctor levels. Practitioners allied to medicine who are seeking representation might consider contacting Alexander Barristers Chambers, which specialises in representing registered practitioners in healthcare, such as ODPs. Unfortunately, some cases can lead to claims for compensation being made against the whole multi-disciplinary team. Midwives Defence Service will liaise with other legal organisations, where appropriate, to ensure that our midwives are well-represented in any legal process that they are going through. Midwives Defence Service is a specialist organisation that deals with clinical negligence claims made against midwives, NMC misconduct and incompetence allegations, midwives’ employment law, obstetric inquest law, and other legal areas that affect midwives. Speak to Penny Maudsley about your case, to explore how Midwives Defence Service may be able to assist you.
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